Welcome to the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan Beach is known as the “tree section”.  This area is called the tree section due to street names such as Maple, Elm, Oak, Poinsettia, Palm and Pine.  This also happens to be the part of Manhattan Beach that feels more like a traditional neighborhood with tree lined streets.

Compared to the sand section just to the west, the tree section is a bit slower paced with less density and almost no townhomes and condos. 

The area is intersected by a strip known as the green belt which is home to joggers, walkers and dogs out for a stroll and makes for a great walkpath to the beach and downtown areas.

While there are still plenty of original beach bungalow type homes, most have been snatched up by builders looking to replace them with much larger luxury homes.  Sitting just behind the sand section the combination larger lots and more restrictive zoning gives the tree section a very different look and feel.  The area near American Martyrs Church offers some of the best of both worlds where homes enjoy some ocean views while being on lots often much larger than in the sand section.

As with all Manhattan Beach neighborhoods the schools are amazing and are often ranked towards the top schools in the state.  The elementary school for most of the tree section is award winning Pacific Elementary and the area is close enough to the beach to enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers and is just a short bike ride to the coast.

Current Tree Section Homes for Sale