See the Manhattan Beach Homes that Sold in November

November 2021 Home Sales and Home prices in Manhattan Beach

It was another great month in Manhattan Berach both in terms of the number of homes that closed escrow as well as the prices.  November 2021 saw an impressive 45 on market home, condo and townhome sales closing during the month..  The average “list” price of the homes that closed escrow during the month was $3,307,683 with the average “sold” price at $3,337,958 meaning that homes generally sold higher than the asking price.   Homes averaged 50 days on the market before going into escrow with a median DOM of only 9 days.  Median price per foot was $1361.

Two of the 45 homes were in Manhattan Village.  One was a 3 bedroom townhome at 28 Bermuda Court that sold for $1,925,000 and the other was a single family “estate” home at 18 Chatham that sold for $2,2825,000

See how this compares with other months on our Manhattan Beach real estate statistics and trends page.

Manhattan Beach Home Sales and Prices for November 2021

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SFR/D3605Crest DR$1,779,000$1,548.302/1,1,0,01149/A1953/ASR11/12/2021
SFR/D3504Crest DR$2,320,000$1,143.983/2,0,0,02028/A1961/ASR11/24/2021
SFR/D3316Vista DR$2,515,000$1,166.514/3,0,0,02156/A1956/ASR11/12/2021
SFR/D2104Grandview AVE$2,530,000$1,413.413/2,0,0,01790/A1948/ASR11/16/2021
TWNHS/D2917Vista DR$2,599,000$1,214.493/3,0,1,02140/A1991/ASR11/30/2021
TWNHS/D32024th PL$2,700,000$1,496.673/3,0,1,01804/T2005/ASR11/18/2021
TWNHS/D2211Vista DR$2,751,111$1,222.723/3,0,1,02250/A2004/ASR11/29/2021
DPLX/A40017th ST$3,130,000$1,626.824/2,0,0,01924/A1924/ASR11/12/2021
TWNHS/D30416th ST$3,499,000$1,559.273/4,0,0,02244/A1997/ASR11/23/2021
SFR/D42931st ST$3,565,000$839.614/3,1,1,04246/AP2002/ASR11/2/2021
SFR/D12421st PL$3,774,256$1,946.503/4,0,0,01939/E2010/ASR11/10/2021
TWNHS/A1211Bayview DR$3,860,000$1,642.554/4,0,0,02350/A2006/PUB11/4/2021
SFR/D44134th ST$4,138,750$1,149.974/4,0,2,03599/D2021/BLD11/3/2021
SFR/D4007th ST$4,310,000$1,737.904/1,2,1,02480/OTH1941/ASR11/9/2021
SFR/D32417th ST$6,300,000$1,733.634/4,0,1,03634/A2009/ASR11/10/2021
SFR/D22432nd ST$6,700,000$1,569.824/4,0,1,04268/SEE1989/PUB11/12/2021
SFR/D662Rosecrans AVE$1,465,000$1,953.332/1,0,0,0750/O1948/ASR11/23/2021
SFR/D3608Laurel AVE$1,700,000$2,009.462/1,0,0,0846/A1950/ASR11/1/2021
SFR/D3017Elm AVE$1,761,000$1,834.382/2,0,0,0960/A1948/PUB11/13/2021
SFR/D3613 NPoinsettia AVE$1,900,000$1,276.883/1,1,0,01488/A1960/ASR11/9/2021
SFR/D3211 NValley DR$2,010,000$1,375.773/2,0,0,01461/A1972/ASR11/30/2021
SFR/D2921Pacific AVE$2,025,000$1,118.784/2,0,0,01810/A1962/ASR11/12/2021
SFR/D2825 NValley DR$2,200,000$1,569.194/2,0,0,01402/A1952/ASR11/2/2021
SFR/D66435th ST$2,226,100$1,272.064/2,0,0,01750/A1947/ASR11/12/2021
SFR/D2408Walnut AVE$3,599,000$1,164.355/3,0,1,03091/E2008/EST11/18/2021
SFR2615Palm AVE$3,625,000$1,137.084/3,0,1,03188/OTH201911/30/2021
SFR/D2504Pine AVE$3,635,000$1,009.725/4,0,1,03600/S2007/ASR11/2/2021
SFR/D1900Walnut AVE$3,831,000$1,216.195/4,0,0,03150/E2003/ASR11/30/2021
SFR/D65226th ST$4,500,000$1,236.605/2,2,1,03639/A2008/PUB11/5/2021
SFR/D59230th ST$4,534,000$975.475/6,0,1,04648/B2021/BLD11/30/2021
SFR/D55931st ST$6,100,000$1,234.326/2,4,2,04942/A2019/ASR11/30/2021
SFR/D85711th ST$2,770,000$1,268.323/2,0,1,02184/A1947/ASR11/16/2021
SFR/D701Anderson ST$3,300,000$2,530.673/2,0,0,01304/A1947/ASR11/10/2021
SFR/D504John ST$8,000,000$1,672.595/4,0,1,04783/A1999/ASR11/30/2021
CONDO/A28Bermuda CT$1,925,000$1,026.123/3,0,1,01876/A1987/ASR11/18/2021
SFR/D122923rd Street$1,690,000$1,257.443/2,0,0,01344/A1948/ASR11/1/2021
SFR/D1220Keats ST$1,866,000$1,478.613/1,1,0,01262/A1953/ASR11/16/2021
SFR/D1317Gates AVE$1,999,888$1,317.453/2,0,0,01518/A1951/ASR11/23/2021
SFR/D12366th ST$2,800,000$1,229.693/1,1,1,02277/A1963/ASR11/4/2021
SFR/D918 NPeck AVE$3,545,000$988.575/4,0,1,03586/A2021/BLD11/9/2021
SFR/D17469th ST$3,700,000$1,047.574/4,0,0,03532/B2016/SLR11/1/2021
SFR/D1561Nelson AVE$3,850,000$936.975/4,0,0,04109/AP1989/ASR11/30/2021
SFR/D15401st ST$4,650,000$1,027.625/1,4,1,04525/A2019/ASR11/3/2021
SFR/D122111th ST$5,705,000$1,012.246/4,1,1,05636/S2016/SLR11/29/2021

Single Family “Estate” Home at 18 Chatham Sells for $2,825,000

18 Chatham sells $430,000 over the list price

The recent closed escrow and sale of 18 Chatham was one of the more impressive home sales we’ve seen in Manhattan Village in a while.  This  Plan 2 “Estate” home (single family) at 18 Chatham was listed for $2,395,000 and sold at a pretty stunning $2,825,000.   Homes selling for over asking isn’t unusual in this market but this home sold for $430,000 over list price….and for a home that was pretty much of a cosmetic fixer.  The home is at the end of a cul-de-sac and near one of the community pools whice is certainly an appeal, and due to the location it has some nice open spaces close by and a 3 car garage as a bit of a bonus.   The plan 2 offers 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with approximately 2,600+ square feet (buyer to verify…original builder plans showed 2,445).    This layout offers some spacious areas with separate living and family rooms and large dining room.

Contact Manhattan Beach realtor Keith Kyle to be notified of similar on market and upcoming home listings.

18 Chatham, Manhattan Beach CA 90266 – Listed for $2,395,000 & Sold for $2,825,000.

Listing courtesy of Todd Wohl – Premiere Estates International Real Estate – 877-337-8283

Octobers Sole Manhattan Village Sale – 11 Cordoba Court Sells Well Above List Price

11 Cordoba Ct Closes at $1,852,500

Manhattan village's only sale of the month

11 Cordoba Court was the lone Manhattan Village closed sale of the month of October.  11 Cordoba had gone into escrow a while back to fall out and then quickly go back into escrow.  It was listed for $1,775,000 and closed at a very impressive $1,852,500.  View the Manhattan Beach MLS info below.

Home Details

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11 Cordoba Court – Sold Price $1,852,500

Listing courtesy of Emily Piemonte – Re/Max Estate Properties 310-937-5700

October Home Sales in Manhattan Beach

42 homes sold in Manhattan Beach during October

With no signs of slowing down, it was another impressive month for home sales in Manhattan Beach CA with  42 on MLS property sales closing in October.  Of the 42 home sales only one was in the gated community of Manhattan Village and was a townhome at 11 Cordoba Court that closed at $1,852,000.  The only real  problem is that housing inventory of “active” listings continues to go down and is at a near record low for the past few years.  See how this compares with other months on the Manhattan Beach real estate statistics and trends page.

The average “list” price of the homes that sold was $3,869,643 with the average sales price at $3,882,792. This meant that homes still regularly closed escrow at prices higher than the asking price. The homes that sold averaged a brief 27 days on market (DOM) before going into escrow. The average price per foot of the homes that sold was $1599.   The high sale of the month was, not surprisingly, a beachfront home on the Strand  at 508 The Strand which sold for $19,200,000.    Take a look below at all of the homes that sold in Manhattan Beach and Manhattan Village in October.

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October 2021 Home Sales and Property Prices in Manhattan Village & Manhattan Beach 

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
TWNHS/A748Manhattan Beach BLVD #A$1,705,000$1,209.223/1,1,1,01410/A1977/ASR10/29/2021
TWNHS/D3512Alma AVE$2,200,000$1,172.083/3,0,0,01877/A1985/ASR10/26/2021
CONDO/A3207Crest DR$2,285,000$1,273.693/3,0,0,01794/A1986/ASR10/14/2021
SFR/D43231st ST$2,300,000$1,418.003/3,0,0,01622/A1958/PUB10/1/2021
SFR/D4104Highland AVE$2,800,000$1,093.753/3,0,1,02560/A1992/ASR10/15/2021
SFR/D22023rd ST$2,969,000$1,656.813/3,0,1,01792/A2006/ASR10/19/2021
TWNHS/A31032nd ST$3,350,000$1,384.303/4,0,0,02420/A2006/ASR10/13/2021
TWNHS/A2161st ST$3,375,000$1,739.693/4,0,0,01940/A2000/ASR10/27/2021
SFR/D43235th ST$3,825,000$1,380.373/2,0,1,02771/A2002/ASR10/27/2021
TWNHS/A2215Bayview DR$4,480,000$1,703.424/3,0,0,12630/A2007/ASR10/4/2021
SFR/D42836th ST$4,547,000$1,118.854/2,2,1,04064/D2021/BLD10/29/2021
TWNHS/A2617Vista DR$5,000,000$1,901.144/4,0,0,02630/A2017/ASR10/5/2021
SFR/D1248th ST$5,000,000$2,840.913/2,0,0,01760/A1909/ASR10/1/2021
SFR/D1248th ST$5,100,000$2,897.733/2,0,0,01760/A1909/ASR10/21/2021
SFR/D51621st ST$5,150,000$1,454.804/3,0,1,03540/B2008/BLD10/18/2021
SFR/D22820th Street$5,313,750$1,282.285/4,0,1,04144/A1999/ASR10/15/2021
SFR/D4367th ST$5,595,000$1,832.624/4,0,0,03053/A2003/ASR10/19/2021
SFR/D508The Strand$19,200,000$4,439.315/2,3,1,04325/B2021/BLD10/15/2021
SFR/D3609Oak Ave.$1,510,000$1,386.593/1,0,1,01089/A1955/ASR10/21/2021
SFR/D768Rosecrans AVE$1,575,000$1,806.193/1,0,0,0872/A1954/PUB10/19/2021
SFR/D75735th ST$2,025,000$1,763.944/2,1,0,01148/A1951/ASR10/26/2021
SFR/D3600Pine AVE$2,200,000$1,419.354/2,0,0,01550/S1951/ASR10/4/2021
SFR/D1609Walnut AVE$2,500,000$1,349.893/2,0,0,01852/A1964/ASR10/1/2021
SFR/D3509 NPoinsettia AVE$2,925,000$1,114.714/2,2,0,02624/A1959/ASR10/14/2021
SFR3013 NPoinsettia AVE$3,300,000$1,061.095/4,0,0,03110/195010/22/2021
SFR/D2304Elm AVE$3,585,000$1,070.475/4,0,0,03349/A2000/ASR10/27/2021
SFR/D60915th ST$3,625,000$1,132.815/1,3,0,03200/S1957/ASR10/12/2021
SFR/D64715th ST$4,000,000$1,090.225/4,0,0,03669/A2005/ASR10/7/2021
SFR/D2101Agnes RD$4,800,000$1,027.625/4,0,1,04671/A2017/PUB10/18/2021
SFR/D65617th ST$7,050,000$1,397.986/5,0,0,25043/B2020/ASR10/1/2021
TWNHS/D234Larsson ST$1,975,000$856.093/2,0,1,02307/A1980/ASR10/22/2021
SFR/D511 NDianthus ST$2,300,000$1,206.083/3,0,0,01907/A1964/PUB10/25/2021
SFR/D938Duncan AVE$4,350,000$808.405/5,0,0,05381/T1986/ASR10/29/2021
SFR/D714 NDianthus ST$4,604,000$1,241.305/4,0,1,03709/P2018/BLD10/28/2021
SFR/D91710th ST$8,000,000$6,172.846/2,4,2,01296/A2022/BLD10/13/2021
TWNHS/A11Cordoba CT$1,852,500$987.473/3,0,0,01876/A1987/ASR10/27/2021
CONDO1315Manhattan Beach BLVD #B$1,130,000$961.702/3,0,0,01175/198610/29/2021
SFR/D1809Magnolia AVE$3,500,000$1,031.844/5,0,0,03392/A2008/ASR10/18/2021
SFR/D132511th ST$1,906,000$1,339.424/2,0,0,01423/A1952/ASR10/19/2021
SFR/D16083rd ST$1,950,000$2,437.502/1,0,0,0800/A1938/PUB10/21/2021
SFR/D1190Duncan DR$3,995,000$1,963.143/2,0,0,02035/A1962/ASR10/14/2021
SFR16036Th ST$4,225,000$746.996/5,0,0,05656/E199010/29/2021

4 Bermuda Court Hits the Market Listed at $1,299,000

4 Bermuda Court - Plan 1 Court Home

Listed for $1,299,0000

New to the market in Manhattan Village is a beautiful Plan 1 court home located at 4 Bermuda Court.  The Plan 1 layout offers 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and approximately 1,465 square feet on 3 levels.  This home has been extensively remodeled and offers a clean and bright look and feel.

4 Bermuda Ct, Manhattan Beach CA 90266 – Listed for $1,299,000

Listing courtesy of Claire Gillespie & Jack Gillespie – Vista Sotheby’s International Realty 310-546-7611

New “Estate” Single Family Homes Hits the Market at 18 Chatham in Manhattan Village

Plan 2 Estate Home for sale at 18 Chatham

Listed for $2,395,000

The newest home for sale in the gated community of Manhattan Village is a Plan 2 “Estate” home (single family) at 18 Chatham.  The home is at the end of a cul-de-sac and near one of the community pools.  The home is very dated but appears to be in great shape and well maintained.  Due to the location at the end of the block and on a cul-de-sac, it has a nice 3 car garage as a bit of a bonus.   The plan 2 offers 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with approximately 2,600+ square feet (buyer to verify…original builder plans showed 2,445).    This layout offers some spacious areas with separate living and family rooms and large dining room.  The home could definitely use a significant cosmetic upgrade but spaces are great.

Contact Manhattan Beach realtor Keith Kyle for more information.

18 Chatham, Manhattan Beach CA 90266 - Listed for $2,395,000

Listing courtesy of Todd Wohl – Premiere Estates International Real Estate – 877-337-8283