Manhattan Beach August Real Estate Market at a Glance

What a month it was in the Manhattan Beach real estate market with 55 on market home sales. The median sales price of $2,775,000. The homes that sold only averaged 24 days on market before going into escrow and the average price per foot was an impressive $1,196.

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Manhattan Beach Home Sales – August Real Estate Overview

Manhattan Beach Home Sales & Property prices in August

What a month it was in the Manhattan Beach real estate market with 55 on market home sales. The average “asking” price was $2,963,145 and the average sales price of $2,981,462. The homes that sold only averaged 39 days on market before going into escrow and the average price per foot was an impressive $1,314.    Of the 55 homes that sold the breakdown was:

August 2021 Home Sales and Property Prices in Manhattan Beach California

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SFR/D45728th ST$2,050,000$2,356.322/1,0,0,0870/A1952/OTH8/9/2021
TWNHS/D4220Ocean DR #1$2,187,500$1,438.202/2,0,1,01521/P1979/PUB8/31/2021
TWNHS/A22043rd ST$2,200,000$1,167.733/3,0,1,01884/A2002/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D532Marine Avenue$2,300,000$1,885.253/1,0,1,01220/AP1951/APP8/3/2021
TWNHS/A33321st PL$2,525,000$1,392.723/3,0,1,01813/OTH2006/PUB8/31/2021
TWNHS/A32421st ST$2,775,000$1,455.933/4,0,0,01906/A1994/ASR8/31/2021
SFR43327Th ST$2,850,000$1,463.794/3,0,0,01947/19788/20/2021
SFR/D46435th ST$3,000,000$975.934/3,0,0,03074/A1988/ASR8/27/2021
TWNHS/D712Highland AVE$3,160,000$1,606.513/4,0,0,01967/A1988/ASR8/12/2021
TWNHS/A31924th ST$3,200,000$1,684.213/3,0,0,01900/A2005/PUB8/6/2021
TPLX/D3101Highland AVE$3,340,000$1,518.185/4,0,0,02200/A1935/ASR8/10/2021
TWNHS/A2181st PL$3,393,750$1,686.753/3,0,1,02012/E2018/ASR8/18/2021
TPLX/D2408Highland AVE$3,700,000$1,173.495/4,0,0,03153/A1960/ASR8/4/2021
SFR/D22930th ST$3,895,000$2,263.223/1,1,0,01721/A1954/ASR8/11/2021
TWNHS/A2305Bayview DR$3,925,000$1,527.243/1,2,1,02570/A2004/ASR8/12/2021
TWNHS12115Th ST$4,100,000$2,157.893/3,0,1,01900/O2005/ASR8/6/2021
SFR/D31620th ST$7,000,000$1,636.285/5,0,2,04278/D2021/BLD8/6/2021
SFR/D46126th ST$7,150,000$1,662.796/5,0,1,04300/D2021/PUB8/18/2021
SFR/D2801 NValley DR$1,630,000$1,689.122/1,0,0,0965/A1951/ASR8/17/2021
SFR760Rosecrans AVE$1,645,000$1,566.672/1,1,0,01050/OTH19548/2/2021
SFR63236Th ST$1,700,000$1,650.492/1,0,0,01030/19488/9/2021
SFR/D3212Oak AVE$1,865,000$1,410.743/2,0,0,01322/P1952/PUB8/17/2021
SFR/D3201Laurel AVE$1,915,000$1,574.843/2,0,0,01216/A1951/ASR8/13/2021
SFR/D720Rosecrans AVE$2,100,000$1,011.564/3,0,1,02076/A1955/PUB8/9/2021
SFR74629Th ST$2,310,000$1,834.794/2,0,0,01259/19478/16/2021
SFR/D2510Laurel Ave$2,475,000$1,213.243/2,1,0,02040/A1956/ASR8/25/2021
SFR/D2317Elm AVE$2,548,000$1,119.024/3,0,0,02277/A1957/ASR8/24/2021
SFR/D1712 NPoinsettia AVE$3,125,000$1,129.384/2,0,1,02767/A1996/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D71729th ST$3,364,675$975.835/4,0,0,03448/A1997/APP8/3/2021
SFR/A2201Oak AVE$3,450,000$995.105/5,0,1,03467/A2017/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D3211Poinsettia AVE$4,000,000$727.275/4,0,0,05500/S1981/ASR8/5/2021
SFR/D3000Palm AVE$4,200,000$1,170.575/5,0,0,03588/B2017/ASR8/6/2021
SFR3412PALM AVE$5,950,000$1,053.106/6,0,0,05650/B2020/BLD8/10/2021
SFR/D612Anderson ST$2,300,000$1,347.393/2,0,0,01707/E1966/ASR8/16/2021
SFR/D931Duncan AVE$2,655,000$2,085.623/1,0,0,01273/A1950/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D504 NPoinsettia AVE$7,000,000$1,523.065/3,1,1,04596/A2001/ASR8/13/2021
TWNHS1Tiburon CT$1,970,000$998.993/3,0,0,01972/19878/24/2021
SFR/D1209 NMeadows AVE$1,400,000$1,422.763/1,0,0,0984/A1947/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D1908Wendy WAY$1,465,000$1,053.963/2,0,0,01390/A1950/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D122823rd ST$1,525,000$1,336.552/1,0,0,01141/A1948/ASR8/16/2021
SFR/D161023rd ST$1,700,000$992.413/2,0,0,01713/A1952/ASR8/20/2021
SFR/D2200Chestnut AVE$2,660,000$846.064/3,0,0,03144/A1989/ASR8/24/2021
SFR/D133519th ST$3,965,000$791.426/5,0,1,05010/P2010/BLD8/13/2021
TWNHS/A1140Manhattan Beach BLVD #C$1,120,000$933.332/3,0,0,01200/S1978/ASR8/4/2021
TWNHS/A182111th ST$1,405,000$984.582/1,1,0,01427/B2021/BLD8/17/2021
TWNHS/A182711th ST$1,410,000$988.092/1,1,0,01427/B2021/BLD8/31/2021
SFR/A1627Ruhland AVE$1,850,000$1,745.282/2,0,0,01060/A1951/PUB8/31/2021
SFR18228th ST$2,485,000$1,215.163/2,0,0,02045/O1953/ASR8/24/2021
SFR/D13015th ST$2,800,000$1,055.814/1,1,1,02652/A1964/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D1657Gates Ave$3,150,000$750.544/3,2,0,04197/D1948/PUB8/17/2021
SFR/D16229th ST$3,450,000$760.755/5,0,1,04535/P2002/PUB8/13/2021
SFR/D405 SProspect AVE$3,516,500$754.946/4,0,0,04658/B2007/BLD8/6/2021
SFR/D16135th ST$3,550,000$806.825/4,0,1,04400/A1992/PUB8/3/2021
SFR/D15112nd ST$3,675,000$789.134/4,0,0,04657/A2016/ASR8/13/2021
SFR/D15415th ST$3,900,000$958.005/4,0,1,04071/O2009/SLR8/24/2021

Manhattan Beach Home Sales in July – Market Recap

See the homes that sold in Manhattan Beach during July

It was another solid and impressive month for home sales in Manhattan Beach California.  Whether you’re a buyer or seller it’s helpful to see what sold in this coastal community and at what prices.  .  It was another amazing month for the Manhattan Beach real estate market as demand just never seems to slow.  There were 45 total on market sales that closed with 14 homes in the sand section,  8 homes in tree section, 7 home sales in the hill section, 1 in Manhattan Village and the rest were east of Sepulveda.   See how this compares with other months on our Manhattan Beach real estate trends page.

July 2021 Home Sales and Home Prices in Manhattan Beach

Type AddressPrice$ Per footBed/BathSq feetYearDate sold
TWNHS/A3043rd ST$5,500,000$2,123.554/2590/A2017/ASR7/1/2021
SFR/D58736th ST$3,212,000$1,590.103/2,0,1,02020/A1984/ASR7/1/2021
SFR/D65918th ST$4,250,000$1,052.764/3,0,0,04037/A1952/ASR7/1/2021
SFR/D406Anderson ST$4,950,000$1,150.095/4,0,0,04304/A2008/ASR7/1/2021
SFR/D11205th ST$1,800,000$595.434/3,0,0,03023/A1982/PUB7/1/2021
SFR/D2208th ST$9,200,000$2,193.094/3,0,1,04195/A2017/SLR7/2/2021
SFR/D1015 NRedondo AVE$1,379,000$1,109.412/1,0,1,01243/A1951/ASR7/2/2021
DPLX/D4305Crest DR$2,125,000$1,135.154/2,0,1,01872/A1972/ASR7/7/2021
SFR/D400Highland AVE$3,175,000$1,784.713/2,0,0,01779/A1962/ASR7/7/2021
SFR/D3416th ST$3,575,000$2,564.563/2,0,0,01394/A1948/ASR7/7/2021
SFR/D3521Laurel AVE$3,550,000$1,060.655/3,1,1,03347/A2014/ASR7/7/2021
SFR/D2617Oak AVE$1,790,000$1,598.213/1,0,0,01120/A1953/ASR7/8/2021
SFR/D73312th ST$4,500,000$1,026.695/6,0,0,04383/S2017/ASR7/8/2021
SFR/D1904Palm AVE$4,600,000$1,220.815/5,0,0,03768/A2018/BLD7/8/2021
SFR/D5335th ST$1,875,000$2,697.842/1,0,0,0695/A1931/PUB7/9/2021
SFR/D1307Voorhees AVE$3,750,000$1,030.795/4,0,1,03638/A2019/PUB7/9/2021
SFR/D1544Voorhees AVE$3,995,000$768.276/5,0,1,05200/E2008/ASR7/9/2021
SFR/D1704Highland AVE$4,000,000$1,209.194/4,0,0,03308/P2001/PUB7/12/2021
SFR/D46128th ST$2,400,000$1,963.993/2,0,0,01222/A1954/OTH7/14/2021
SFR/D40829th ST$4,725,000$1,688.104/4,0,0,12799/P2021/PUB7/14/2021
SFR/D113021st ST$2,900,000$966.675/4,0,1,03000/B2021/SLR7/15/2021
SFR/D58726th ST$3,850,000$1,108.554/3,0,0,03473/A2000/ASR7/16/2021
SFR/D8778th ST$5,250,000$1,127.096/4,1,1,04658/A2006/ASR7/19/2021
SFR/D42132nd PL$1,550,000$2,129.122/1,0,0,0728/P1928/PUB7/20/2021
SFR/D5493rd ST$4,799,000$1,199.755/5,0,1,04000/SEE2013/APP7/21/2021
SFR/D501 NPoinsettia AVE$5,008,000$3,608.073/1,2,0,01388/A1941/ASR7/21/2021
TWNHS/A32033rd PL$2,480,000$1,326.203/3,0,1,01870/A2007/ASR7/22/2021
SFR/D125711th ST$1,970,000$658.204/3,0,0,02993/A1960/ASR7/23/2021
SFR/D1647Curtis AVE$3,025,000$896.304/4,0,0,03375/T1996/ASR7/23/2021
SFR/D2615Crest DR$5,900,000$1,834.583/4,0,1,03216/A2016/ASR7/26/2021
SFR/D1204Faymont AVE$1,510,000$1,628.912/1,0,0,0927/A1950/ASR7/26/2021
SFR/D3201Maple AVE$3,350,000$3,172.352/1,0,0,01056/A1950/ASR7/27/2021
SFR/D706Anderson ST$2,438,000$1,283.163/2,0,0,01900/A1969/APP7/27/2021
SFR/D9339th ST$5,300,000$1,337.374/2,2,0,03963/B1986/ASR7/27/2021
SFR/D1400Manzanita Lane$3,515,000$976.935/2,2,1,03598/B2021/BLD7/27/2021
SFR/D8188th ST$12,738,290$1,992.545/6,0,0,06393/A2000/PUB7/28/2021
SFR/D17519th ST$2,600,000$1,183.433/3,0,0,02197/A1986/ASR7/28/2021
SFR1705 NMeadows AVE$1,600,000$1,596.813/1,0,0,01002/A1947/ASR7/29/2021
SFR/D161021st ST$1,650,000$1,260.503/2,0,0,01309/A1952/PUB7/29/2021
TWNHS/A184511th ST$1,430,000$1,000.002/2,0,0,01430/B2021/ASR7/29/2021
SFR/D16186th ST$3,279,415$809.735/5,0,0,04050/S1998/ASR7/29/2021
SFR/D16225th ST$3,525,000$839.294/3,0,1,04200/A1991/ASR7/29/2021
DPLX/A21927th ST$4,000,000$1,388.895/3,0,1,02880/A1972/ASR7/30/2021
SFR/D935Boundary PL$2,080,000$1,047.334/3,0,0,01986/E1956/PUB7/30/2021

Our Latest MB Property Sale

Take a look at our latest sale in Manhattan Beach.  1136 Fisher was an ocean view triplex with 3 two bed/2 bath units and some great outdoor spaces.  We were honored to represent the buyers of this property and can’t thank them enough for putting their trust in us.

*represented buyer

Contact buyers agent Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International Realty for more information.

1136 Fisher – Manhattan Beach

New “Estate Home” Hits the Market at 16 Bridgeport

16 Bridgeport - Plan 5 estate home listed for $3,150,000

16 Bridgeport, Manhattan Village – Listed for $3,150,000

The newest and currently only home on the market in Manhattan Village is a plan 5 Estate Home (Manhattan Villages name for single family style homes) currently listed at $3,150,000.  The home offers a somewhat unique layout as the current owner had done a fairly extensive remodel a while back removing some walls and expanding some areas.   The home offers 3 bedrooms and 3 baths including a ground floor master with a huge master bath area.  The home is listed with just under 3,000 square feet.

Contact Manhattan Beach specialist Keith Kyle for more information

16 Bridgeport, manhattan Beach 90266

Listing provided by Monica Ryan of Vista Sotheby’s International Realty

See the Homes that Sold in Manhattan Beach in March

Welcome to the month that was for real estate in Manhattan Beach CA.  March was a huge month for the the real estate market in this luxury coastal town in the South Bay.  Take a look at the homes that sold in Manhattan Beach during market.  View the properties that sold, sales prices, details and more.  See how March compared with previous months on our Manhattan Beach real estate market trends and statistics page.  Two of the home sales during the month were beachfront properties on the famous Manhattan Beach Strand.

Manhattan Beach Home Sales and Home Prices in March 2021

MLS # Prop Type Address Sold Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq feet Year Sold Dae
SB21017853 SFR/D 817 N Valley DR $2,050,000 $1,443.66 3/2,0,0,0 1420/A 1955/ASR 3/30/2021
SB21027997 TWNHS/D 436 23rd PL $2,295,000 $1,195.31 3/1,2,1,0 1920/A 2004/ASR 3/25/2021
SB21008656 SFR/D 504 21st ST $2,400,000 $1,574.80 3/1,1,0,0 1524/A 1952/ASR 3/16/2021
SB21017134 TWNHS/A 116 26th ST $2,637,500 $1,618.10 2/2,0,1,0 1630/A 1987/PUB 3/23/2021
SB21016031 SFR/D 316 34th ST $2,800,000 $1,373.22 4/2,1,1,0 2039/A 1995/ASR 3/16/2021
SB21020402 TWNHS/D 84 Manhattan AVE $3,108,750 $1,430.63 3/3,0,1,0 2173/A 1995/ASR 3/24/2021
SB21040269 SFR/D 113 30th PL $3,200,000 $2,787.46 2/2,0,0,0 1148/A 1927/ASR 3/23/2021
SB20244784 CONDO/A 1144 The Strand #B $3,500,000 $1,417.00 3/2,0,0,0 2470/A 1982/ASR 3/17/2021
SB20252357 DPLX/D 401 17th ST $3,650,000 $1,346.37 4/4,0,0,0 2711/A 1965/ASR 3/5/2021
SB20195791 SFR/D 317 9th ST $3,700,000 $1,883.91 2/2,1,1,0 1964/A 2016/SLR 3/11/2021
21678480 SFR 333 19Th ST $3,700,000 $1,722.53 5/3,0,0,0 2148/OTH 1957 3/5/2021
SB21052388 SFR/A 515 23rd ST $3,815,000 $1,492.57 3/3,0,0,0 2556/A 2001/ASR 3/30/2021
SB20202874 DPLX/D 120 35th ST $4,465,000 $1,748.24 4/3,1,0,0 2554/A 1939/ASR 3/16/2021
SB21017923 SFR/D 312 20th ST $5,150,000 $1,260.40 5/4,0,1,0 4086/D 1998/PUB 3/30/2021
21681606 SFR 325 9Th ST $5,410,000 $1,462.16 5/5,0,0,0 3700/A 2003/ASR 3/20/2021
SB21032403 SFR/D 3421 Manhattan AVE $6,720,000 $1,702.56 4/1,2,1,0 3947/A 2002/ASR 3/30/2021
SB21054555 SFR/D 116 4th ST $9,000,000 $2,129.67 4/3,1,1,0 4226/A 1999/ASR 3/15/2021
IN21015203 SFR/D 3212 The Strand $10,510,000 $4,555.70 3/2,0,0,0 2307/A 1940/ASR 3/12/2021
SB21017306 SFR/D 3213 N Valley DR $1,950,000 $986.84 3/3,0,0,0 1976/A 1958/ASR 3/12/2021
SB21026196 SFR/D 617 27th ST $2,355,500 $1,656.47 2/1,1,0,0 1422/A 1940/ASR 3/16/2021
SB21007690 SFR/D 668 36th ST $2,500,000 $1,162.79 3/2,0,1,0 2150/A 1964/ASR 3/31/2021
SB21019167 SFR/D 585 29th ST $2,935,000 $1,262.37 4/3,0,0,0 2325/SEE 1957/ASR 3/10/2021
SB21011600 SFR/D 2620 Palm AVE $3,150,000 $991.81 5/1,2,2,0 3176/A 1951/ASR 3/30/2021
SB21014195 SFR/D 617 35th ST $3,499,000 $1,321.37 4/3,0,1,0 2648/A 2019/SEE 3/10/2021
SB20249999 SFR/D 637 17th ST $3,850,000 $1,095.62 6/3,1,1,0 3514/A 1999/ASR 3/31/2021
SB20093030 SFR/D 577 31st ST $4,309,000 $986.27 5/5,0,1,0 4369/AP 2019/BLD 3/18/2021
SB21030922 SFR/D 570 27th ST $4,375,000 $1,034.77 5/4,0,0,0 4228/A 2007/ASR 3/23/2021
SB20168206 SFR/D 912 10th ST $4,400,000 $1,015.70 5/4,0,1,0 4332/A 1999/ASR 3/16/2021
SB21058728 SFR/D 712 Pacific AVE $6,500,000 $1,687.87 5/4,0,0,0 3851/A 1998/ASR 3/23/2021
SB21014031 TWNHS/A 32 Dover PL $1,399,000 $964.83 2/1,1,0,0 1450/A 1987/ASR 3/22/2021
SB21004410 TWNHS/A 6 Dover PL $1,400,000 $769.65 3/3,0,0,0 1819/AP 1987/ASR 3/19/2021
SB20187710 TWNHS/A 22 Fairway DR $2,230,000 $929.17 3/2,0,1,0 2400/A 1987/ASR 3/18/2021
SB21023330 TWNHS/A 1334 12th ST #A $990,000 $610.73 2/2,0,0,0 1621/A 1981/ASR 3/22/2021
SB20179837 SFR/D 1631 22nd Street $1,775,000 $1,450.16 3/2,0,0,0 1224/D 1952/EST 3/15/2021
SB21000396 SFR/D 1409 Wendy WAY $2,030,000 $1,119.69 3/1,1,1,0 1813/E 1950/ASR 3/5/2021
SB21026495 SFR/D 1805 Lynngrove DR $2,580,000 $752.19 5/3,0,1,0 3430/A 1998/ASR 3/19/2021
SB20175258 TWNHS/A 1825 11th $1,630,000 $899.56 3/1,2,0,0 1812/B 2021/BLD 3/9/2021
SB20175264 TWNHS/A 1829 11th $1,649,000 $902.08 3/1,2,0,0 1828/B 2021/BLD 3/25/2021
SB20175250 TWNHS/A 1823 11th $1,649,000 $902.08 3/1,2,0,0 1828/B 2021/BLD 3/26/2021
SB20213674 SFR/D 1315 8th ST $2,600,000 $789.55 4/3,0,0,0 3293/A 1987/ASR 3/24/2021
21692434 SFR 1716 8Th ST $3,185,000 $721.40 4/3,0,0,0 4415/A 1967 3/12/2021
SB20188255 SFR/D 1226 9th ST $3,775,000 $1,053.59 5/2,2,1,0 3583/D 2020/BLD 3/19/2021



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