9 Days Into 2021 and There’s Already Been a Home Sale

Although it went into escrow a while back, it’s still officially the first sale of the year in Manhattan Village.  The home was originally listed in May but was on and off the market for several months.

17 Cordoba Court was a nicely upgraded 2 bed 2 bathroom plan 1 court home.  The home was originally listed at $1,279,000.  It was lowered to $1,199,000 in November and went into escrow about a week later.  The home closed at $1,150,000.

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17 Cordoba Court – Sold at $1,150,000

Listing courtesy of David Caskey – Strand Hill Christies International Real Estate

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Recap – December By the Numbers

Welcome to our quick recap of the Manhattan Beach real estate market during December.  There were 45 homes and properties sold which was considerably higher than the 36 sold in December of 2019.  The average days on market was a short 30, median sales price was $2772,000 and the average price per foot was just over $1,110.  View our Manhattan Beach real estate stats and trends to see how it compares to other months.

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New Plan 6 Townhome Hits the Market at 6 Dover Place

The latest home to hit the market is a 3 bedroom 3 bath townhome at 6 Dover Place.  It’s a well maintained but somewhat dated Plan 6 layout which is a very popular floorplan with 2 bedrooms upstairs and a ground floor bedroom as well.  The home offers a little over 1,800 square feet and has a nice single family type feel with it’s private entrance.This newest listing is priced at $1,549,000

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6 Dover Place – $1,549,000

Listing courtesy of Jeffrey Butscher -Strand Hill Christies

December Home Sales in Manhattan Beach

Take a look at the homes that sold in Manhattan Beach during December 2020.  Two of the homes that sold were in Manhattan Village

MLS Type Address Price $ Per Sq Ft Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year
SB20149445 SFR/D 216 36th ST $1,570,000 $1,539.22 2/2,0,0,0 1020/A 1927/ASR
SB20222826 TWNHS/D 4021 Crest DR $1,840,000 $1,268.97 2/2,0,1,0 1450/A 1986/ASR
SB20212351 SFR/D 3309 Vista DR $1,899,000 $1,126.33 3/2,0,0,0 1686/A 1974/ASR
SB20242786 TWNHS/A 720 Manhattan Beach BLVD $1,907,000 $1,029.14 2/2,0,1,0 1853/AP 1991/ASR
SB20217886 TWNHS/D 309 20th PL $2,325,000 $1,280.29 3/1,1,0,0 1816/AP 1984/ASR
SB20234864 TWNHS/A 300 28th ST #1 $2,555,000 $1,191.70 3/3,0,1,0 2144/A 2004/ASR
SB20145503 SFR/D 444 34th ST $2,625,000 $933.50 4/3,0,0,0 2812/A 1984/ASR
SB20201304 SFR/D 462 27th ST $2,917,000 $1,217.95 3/2,1,0,0 2395/A 2014/PUB
SB20254105 SFR/D 217 Bayview DR $3,000,000 $2,093.51 2/2,0,0,0 1433/A 1922/ASR
SB20212174 TWNHS/A 315 24th ST $3,131,530 $1,558.75 3/3,0,0,1 2009/AP 1998/ASR
SB20228436 SFR/D 429 20th ST $3,199,000 $1,798.20 3/1,1,0,0 1779/A 1924/ASR
SB20230054 SFR/D 317 8th ST $3,250,000 $1,717.76 3/3,0,0,0 1892/A 1953/ASR
SB20234842 CONDO/A 1208 The Strand #B $4,200,000 $3,529.41 2/2,0,0,0 1190/A 1969/ASR
SB20225086 TWNHS/A 308 3rd ST $4,270,000 $1,596.26 4/3,0,1,0 2675/A 2017/ASR
SB20242729 SFR/D 420 31st ST $4,800,000 $1,066.19 5/2,3,1,0 4502/A 2017/ASR
SB20198748 SFR/D 520 13th ST $5,200,000 $1,464.79 4/4,0,2,0 3550/O 2020/SLR
SB20264880 SFR/D 440 6th ST $5,400,000 $1,303.09 6/5,0,1,0 4144/A 2009/OTH
SB20144839 SFR/D 412 8th ST $6,100,000 $1,378.84 5/6,0,0,0 4424/A 2012/ASR
PV20194020 SFR/D 621 36th ST $1,700,000 $1,507.09 2/2,0,0,0 1128/A 1948/ASR
SB20119865 SFR/D 3601 Laurel AVE $1,800,000 $1,176.47 3/1,1,0,0 1530/A 1952/ASR
SB20174860 SFR/D 641 27th ST $2,125,000 $2,272.73 2/1,0,0,0 935/A 1939/ASR
SB20142400 SFR/D 3412 Maple AVE $2,275,000 $953.88 4/3,0,0,0 2385/A 1978/ASR
SB20116052 SFR/D 531 13th ST $2,500,000 $1,298.70 4/2,0,0,0 1925/A 1963/ASR
SB20211450 SFR/D 3516 Pacific AVE $2,585,000 $800.06 5/3,1,0,0 3231/AP 2006/PUB
SB20134895 SFR/D 2612 N Poinsettia AVE $2,710,000 $835.39 5/5,0,0,0 3244/A 2006/ASR
SB20184212 SFR/D 2904 Elm AVE $2,850,000 $886.47 4/4,0,0,0 3215/A 1995/PUB
SB20235001 SFR/D 1808 Elm AVE $2,900,000 $935.79 5/3,0,1,0 3099/A 2003/APP
SB20232778 SFR/D 648 29th ST $3,300,000 $932.47 5/3,0,1,0 3539/A 1997/ASR
SB20129777 TWNHS/A 748 Manhattan Beach BLVD #B $1,550,000 $1,101.63 3/3,0,0,0 1407/A 1977/PUB
SB20227043 SFR/D 307 Anderson ST $4,700,000 $991.98 5/4,0,1,0 4738/T 1984/ASR
SB20135980 TWNHS/A 35 Malaga PL W $1,330,000 $730.77 3/2,0,1,0 1820/A 1984/ASR
SB20207253 TWNHS/A 51 Sausalito CIR W $1,805,000 $991.76 3/3,0,0,0 1820/B 1987/ASR
OC20214796 CONDO/A 1447 Manhattan Beach BLVD #E $995,000 $677.33 3/2,0,1,0 1469/A 1976/EST
20639432 CONDO 1300 12th ST #A $1,195,000 $1,004.20 2/2,0,1,0 1190/ 1984
SB20222651 SFR/D 2004 Manzanita LN $2,575,000 $840.95 5/3,0,1,0 3062/A 1997/ASR
SB20195476 SFR/D 2113 Chestnut AVE $2,975,000 $834.74 5/5,0,1,0 3564/AP 2016/PUB
SB20199095 SFR/D 1712 N Meadows AVE $3,300,000 $934.58 5/2,2,1,0 3531/B 2020/BLD
SB20228035 SFR/D 1400 21st ST $3,885,000 $851.60 6/4,0,1,0 4562/B 2016/BLD
SB20221398 TWNHS/A 219 Aviation PL $1,070,000 $650.06 3/3,0,0,0 1646/A 2002/ASR
SB20215289 TWNHS/A 1208 Tennyson ST #8 $1,105,000 $629.63 3/2,0,1,0 1755/B 2005/ASR
SB20202543 TWNHS/A 1202 Tennyson ST #6 $1,149,000 $654.70 3/2,0,1,0 1755/B 2005/ASR
SB20237605 SFR/D 1336 2nd ST $1,770,000 $1,447.26 3/2,0,0,0 1223/A 1951/ASR
SB20241717 SFR/D 1417 9th ST $1,900,000 $833.33 3/2,0,0,0 2280/A 1971/ASR
SB20183471 SFR/D 1731 Ruhland $4,000,000 $796.81 5/4,0,1,0 5020/B 2020/BLD
SB20236562 SFR/D 1721 8th ST $4,500,000 $982.32 6/5,0,1,0 4581/A 2018/ASR

Happy New Year Manhattan Village

Happy new year to our friends and clients in Manhattan Village, Manhattan Beach and all of the South Bay.  While it was a tough year for just about everything else, it was a great year for home sales and home prices in one of the best communities in all of Southern California.

From all of us at Manhattan Village Homes for Sale,  Vista Sotheby’s International and Manhattan Beach realtor and area specialist Keith Kyle, we wish you a very happy and safe 2021!

View the Manhattan Beach Homes that Sold in November

See the homes that sold in November

Take a look at all of the homes that sold in November in Manhattan Beach California.  There were 43 closed home sales during the month.  The medial “list” price was $2,549,000 with a median “sold” price of $2,375,000 potentially indicating a bit of a slowdown. The % of sales price was still fairly close to the list price but in previous months homes had been selling at or over the list prices. The average days on market was 69 and the average price per square foot was $1186.  Take a look at Manhattan Beach home sales and other nearby cities for other months.

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November 2020 Home Sales and Prices in Manhattan Beach CA

MLS #TypeSt#AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SB20134064SFR/D47636th ST$1,525,000$1,9452/1,0,0,0784/A1949/ASR11/3/2020
SB20076163SFR/D20540th ST$1,600,000$1,9732/1,0,0,0811/A1929/ASR11/19/2020
SB20030954DPLX/A21644th ST$1,700,000$1,0902/3,0,0,01560/A1952/ASR11/24/2020
SB20189382SFR/D1505Crest DR$1,804,500$1,0773/3,0,0,01675/A1964/ASR11/4/2020
SB20164301SFR/D22828th PL$1,999,999$1,2852/1,1,0,01556/A1937/ASR11/13/2020
SB20133838SFR/D520Francisco ST$2,087,000$1,2914/2,0,0,01616/A1956/PUB11/9/2020
SB20210235SFR/D21243rd ST$2,150,000$1,3373/1,2,1,01608/A2000/ASR11/12/2020
SB20140348SFR/D200Shell ST$2,175,000$1,1333/3,0,0,01920/A2006/ASR11/19/2020
SB20088525TWNHS/D3606Manhattan AVE$2,232,500$1,4843/3,0,0,01504/T1989/PUB11/20/2020
SB20024212SFR/D42036th ST$2,720,000$9104/2,1,1,02989/SEE2008/ASR11/17/2020
SB20192689SFR/D44831st ST$3,331,300$1,1323/2,2,0,02943/B2011/ASR11/13/2020
SB20160027TWNHS/A40832nd ST$3,583,000$1,2224/3,0,1,02932/A2014/BLD11/24/2020
SB20162447SFR/D40930th ST$3,975,000$1,4214/2,2,1,02798/B2020/BLD11/2/2020
SB20100586TWNHS/A308Highland AVE$4,430,000$1,7224/3,0,1,02573/B2020/BLD11/18/2020
SB20113486SFR/D2298th ST$7,800,000$1,8825/4,0,2,04145/D2020/ASR11/6/2020
SB20018147DPLX/D1804The Strand$10,500,000$2,6295/5,0,0,03994/A2010/ASR11/12/2020
19533526SFR2722The Strand$17,750,000$2,9468/9,0,0,06025/A195111/13/2020
PW20142237SFR/D3619 NPoinsettia AVE$1,690,000$1,2723/3,0,0,01329/A1955/PUB11/2/2020
SB20175467SFR/D622Rosecrans AVE$1,835,000$9304/1,2,0,01973/E1967/ASR11/5/2020
SB20182757SFR/D3513Oak AVE$1,949,000$1,0983/1,2,0,01775/A1997/ASR11/20/2020
SB20185640SFR/D3400Maple AVE$2,512,500$7784/3,0,1,03230/A1995/ASR11/7/2020
SB20127342SFR/D64012th ST$2,600,000$9154/2,1,0,02843/A1986/ASR11/6/2020
20610152SFR3400Palm AVE$3,500,000$1,0195/4,0,1,03436/AP198611/2/2020
SB19269469SFR/D65918th ST$3,780,000$9364/3,0,0,04037/T1952/ASR11/19/2020
SB20179593SFR/D60815th ST$6,250,000$1,2385/5,0,1,05050/A2007/ASR11/10/2020
SB20092356SFR/D1215Fisher AVE$6,550,000$1,2135/5,0,1,05400/B2019/ASR11/25/2020
20627302SFR102911th ST$1,500,000$1,4783/1,0,0,01015/195311/17/2020
SB20091825SFR/D204 NPoinsettia AVE$4,500,000$9644/3,1,1,04667/A1987/ASR11/20/2020
SB20193935SFR/D9368th ST$6,986,250$1,0447/6,0,2,06692/B2020/BLD11/30/2020
SB20196465TWNHS/A11Marin CT$1,475,000$7863/2,0,1,01876/A1987/ASR11/7/2020
SB20092235TWNHS/A1447Manhattan Beach BLVD #D$910,000$6303/2,0,1,01445/A1976/ASR11/2/2020
SR20201962TWNHS/A142712th ST #5$1,025,000$7682/3,0,0,01335/A1984/ASR11/20/2020
20637652TWNHS1154 NRowell AVE$1,585,000$8263/2,0,1,01918/A2016/ASR11/18/2020
SB20208786SFR/D145621st ST$1,925,000$8234/3,0,0,02340/A1949/ASR11/20/2020
SB20213029SFR/D2101Chestnut AVE$2,010,000$1,1533/2,0,0,01744/A1948/ASR11/30/2020
SB20134226SFR/D1159Magnolia AVE$2,575,000$8054/2,1,1,03200/B2015/BLD11/7/2020
SB20169732SFR/D164118th ST$2,800,000$8015/4,0,0,03496/A2006/ASR11/10/2020
RS20181902TWNHS/A231Aviation Place$1,010,000$5783/3,0,0,01747/A2002/PUB11/4/2020
IN20204408SFR/D15515th ST$1,832,800$1,3583/2,0,0,01350/S1947/ASR11/9/2020
OC20152307SFR/D11505th ST$2,375,000$1,1193/3,0,0,02123/A1952/ASR11/23/2020
SB20172903SFR/D18069th ST$2,650,000$6685/4,0,1,03968/A1998/ASR11/12/2020
SB20157164SFR/D1730Voorhees AVE$3,000,000$6795/4,0,1,04421/AP2001/PUB11/13/2020
SB20151169SFR/D124610th ST$4,700,000$6716/5,0,1,07000/B2020/BLD11/19/2020



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