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Take a look at all of the homes that sold in Manhattan Beach during April along with the home prices, details and more.  Of all of the home sales in Manhattan Beach only 2 close sales were in the gated community of Manhattan Village.

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April Home Sales in Manhattan Beach


MLSType AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearDate
SB21003064SFR/D500Rosecrans AVE$1,299,000$1,456.282/1,0,0,0892/A1934/ASR4/13/2021
SB21034539DPLX/D208 -210Kelp ST$1,880,000$1,464.173/1,1,1,01284/A1957/ASR4/1/2021
SB21084541SFR/D3169th ST$2,270,000$3,808.721/1,0,0,0596/A1937/ASR4/21/2021
SB20213387TWNHS/A3105Alma AVE$2,299,000$1,229.413/3,0,1,01870/A2005/ASR4/2/2021
PV21029643TWNHS/A31934th PL$2,599,000$1,298.853/3,0,1,02001/A2017/ASR4/25/2021
PW21027936TWNHS/A20038th ST$2,700,000$1,498.343/4,0,0,01802/E2006/PUB4/26/2021
SB21049996TWNHS/D3213Manhattan AVE$2,850,000$1,601.123/3,0,1,01780/A2008/ASR4/13/2021
SB20215113SFR/D208Moonstone ST$2,885,000$1,563.693/3,0,1,01845/B2020/BLD4/26/2021
SB21030047SFR/D5394th ST$3,366,000$1,051.884/3,0,0,03200/A1947/ASR4/23/2021
SB21028091SFR/D46434th ST$3,388,670$1,120.594/3,0,1,03024/T1988/SEE4/9/2021
SB20164574SFR/D44926th ST$4,285,000$941.345/4,0,1,04552/B2000/BLD4/2/2021
SB21061189CONDO/A3616The Strand #C$4,322,500$1,696.434/2,0,1,02548/A1984/ASR4/30/2021
SB20027637SFR/D45331st ST$4,375,000$1,016.975/2,3,1,04302/B2020/BLD4/21/2021
SB21021125SFR/D4001st ST$4,399,000$855.175/5,0,1,05144/A2001/ASR4/15/2021
SB21022603SFR/D4295th ST$4,500,000$1,382.495/3,0,1,03255/D1996/ASR4/8/2021
SB19197330SFR/D22416th ST$6,275,000$1,485.565/4,0,1,04224/A1992/ASR4/19/2021
SB20211856DPLX/D4216The Strand$6,955,000$1,818.305/6,0,0,03825/A1952/ASR4/15/2021
SB20214032SFR/D21216th ST$8,250,000$1,973.214/1,3,1,04181/P2019/PUB4/6/2021
SB20196913SFR/D20820th ST$9,050,000$1,595.285/6,0,0,05673/A2010/ASR4/5/2021
SB21084346DPLX/D3208The Strand$10,510,000$2,804.166/4,0,0,03748/A1929/ASR4/26/2021
P1-3344SFR/D927Marine AVE$1,575,000$1,556.322/1,0,0,01012/T19494/20/2021
SB21018424SFR/D3613Oak AVE$1,749,000$1,246.613/2,0,0,01403/A1948/ASR4/14/2021
SB21073180SFR/D62427th ST$2,070,000$1,532.204/2,0,0,01351/A1952/ASR4/5/2021
SB21036889SFR/D3520Walnut AVE$2,500,000$1,111.613/2,0,0,02249/A1983/ASR4/1/2021
SB21047805SFR/D3212Walnut AVE$2,550,000$766.003/3,0,1,03329/AP1981/ASR4/28/2021
SB21079450SFR/D2005Elm AVE$2,885,000$1,044.534/2,0,1,02762/A1947/ASR4/16/2021
SB21061752SFR/D67317th ST$3,400,000$1,632.264/1,1,1,02083/A1962/ASR4/30/2021
SB20236689SFR/D2312 NPoinsettia AVE$3,533,000$798.245/5,0,1,04426/AP2005/PUB4/29/2021
SB21057562SFR/D57929th ST$3,690,000$1,070.815/4,0,1,03446/A2002/ASR4/26/2021
SB21027371SFR/D64926th ST$3,700,000$1,057.145/4,0,1,03500/E2006/OTH4/22/2021
SB21027193SFR/D1313Pine AVE$3,750,000$1,150.315/4,0,0,03260/A2015/ASR4/15/2021
SB21049617SFR/D1406Laurel AVE$3,975,000$873.245/5,0,1,04552/A2006/ASR4/20/2021
SB21090024SFR/D224 NArdmore AVE$3,100,000$2,705.062/1,0,0,01146/A1952/ASR4/29/2021
SB21039617SFR/D84410th ST$4,205,000$922.965/4,0,1,04556/SEE1995/ASR4/22/2021
SB20191927SFR/D100910th ST$5,000,000$985.616/6,0,1,05073/A2020/BLD4/22/2021
SB21027335TWNHS/A21Cordoba CT$1,100,000$706.492/2,0,1,01557/A1987/PUB4/28/2021
OC21043279TWNHS/A16Sausalito CIR W$1,650,000$806.853/2,0,1,02045/A1987/ASR4/9/2021
SB21033175SFR/D131118th ST$1,940,000$2,340.172/1,0,0,0829/A1948/ASR4/16/2021
SB21039202SFR/D2108Harkness ST$2,610,000$760.935/2,1,1,03430/A1998/ASR4/23/2021
PV21063167TWNHS/A229Aviation PL$1,150,000$654.153/2,0,1,01758/A2002/ASR4/30/2021
SB20169064TWNHS/A184311th ST$1,679,000$897.863/3,0,0,01870/B2021/BLD4/30/2021
PV21001111SFR/D18266th ST$3,200,000$646.335/6,0,1,04951/A2005/ASR4/16/2021
SB21037520SFR/D143611th ST$3,350,000$931.336/3,0,1,03597/A1982/ASR4/2/2021
SB21068727SFR/D1540Curtis AVE$3,670,000$868.435/4,0,1,04226/A2017/BLD4/1/2021
SB20248926SFR/D1515Gates AVE$4,962,500$755.335/1,4,2,06570/B2020/ASR4/26/2021

7 Cordoba Court Hits theMarket at $1,125,000

The newest addition to the real estate market in Manhattan Village is a 2 bedroom court home with a 3 level layout. This Plan 1 court home offers a first level living room and patio, 2nd level features a dining area overlooking the living room, kitchen and guest bedroom. The top floor is all about the spacious master suite.

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7 cordoba court, Manhattan Beach

Listed at $1,125,000


Listing courtesy of Carla Hoffman – Vista Sotheby’s International

18 Malaga Hits the Market at $1,729,000

Plan 6 townhome with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath and 1,750+ square feet

One of the latest homes to hit the market is a nicely remodeled and updated  Plan 6 townhome located at 18 Malaga Pl.  The home is absolutely beautiful but it does have some location challenges as it back up to Marine so there is some road noise.  That aside it’s a great looking place with an extensively remodeled kitchen, hardwoof floor, open layout and a very nice sized patio.   The plan 6 features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and approximately 1750+ square feet.  One of the very popular features of the plan 6 is that one of the 3 bedrooms is on the ground floor with no steps.  Take a look!

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18 Malaga Place, Manhattan Beach CA 90266

Listing courtesy of Daniel O’Connor – Pacifica Properties Group, Inc.


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Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market – March Overview

It was another great month for home sales and home prices in Manhattan Beach CA.  There were 42 closed home sales during the month with another 53 going into escrow during March.  The median sales price was an incredible $3,448,000.



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