11 Cordoba Court Hits the Market at $1,775,000

11 Cordoba Court - 3 Bedroom townhome listed for $1,775,000

A new listing just hit the market as of 9/28 and it’s a Plan 3 “court” home in the gated communitt of Manhattan Village.  This corner townhome offers approximately 1,876 square feet (BTV) with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.
The ultra modern kitchen with custom gloss white acrylic finished cabinets, quartz counter tops and splash features Sub-zero refrigerator, and Wolf appliances including oven, cooktop, hood and microwave. The mid-level master bedroom has hardwood floors that joins a newly remodeled bathroom with floating cabinets and a large walk-in closet with built-in cabinets and shelving.

11 Cordoba Court – $1,775,000

Listing courtesy of Emily Piemonte – Re/Max Estate Properties 310-937-5700

Manhattan Beach August Real Estate Market at a Glance

What a month it was in the Manhattan Beach real estate market with 55 on market home sales. The median sales price of $2,775,000. The homes that sold only averaged 24 days on market before going into escrow and the average price per foot was an impressive $1,196.

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Manhattan Beach Home Sales – August Real Estate Overview

Manhattan Beach Home Sales & Property prices in August

What a month it was in the Manhattan Beach real estate market with 55 on market home sales. The average “asking” price was $2,963,145 and the average sales price of $2,981,462. The homes that sold only averaged 39 days on market before going into escrow and the average price per foot was an impressive $1,314.    Of the 55 homes that sold the breakdown was:

August 2021 Home Sales and Property Prices in Manhattan Beach California

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SFR/D45728th ST$2,050,000$2,356.322/1,0,0,0870/A1952/OTH8/9/2021
TWNHS/D4220Ocean DR #1$2,187,500$1,438.202/2,0,1,01521/P1979/PUB8/31/2021
TWNHS/A22043rd ST$2,200,000$1,167.733/3,0,1,01884/A2002/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D532Marine Avenue$2,300,000$1,885.253/1,0,1,01220/AP1951/APP8/3/2021
TWNHS/A33321st PL$2,525,000$1,392.723/3,0,1,01813/OTH2006/PUB8/31/2021
TWNHS/A32421st ST$2,775,000$1,455.933/4,0,0,01906/A1994/ASR8/31/2021
SFR43327Th ST$2,850,000$1,463.794/3,0,0,01947/19788/20/2021
SFR/D46435th ST$3,000,000$975.934/3,0,0,03074/A1988/ASR8/27/2021
TWNHS/D712Highland AVE$3,160,000$1,606.513/4,0,0,01967/A1988/ASR8/12/2021
TWNHS/A31924th ST$3,200,000$1,684.213/3,0,0,01900/A2005/PUB8/6/2021
TPLX/D3101Highland AVE$3,340,000$1,518.185/4,0,0,02200/A1935/ASR8/10/2021
TWNHS/A2181st PL$3,393,750$1,686.753/3,0,1,02012/E2018/ASR8/18/2021
TPLX/D2408Highland AVE$3,700,000$1,173.495/4,0,0,03153/A1960/ASR8/4/2021
SFR/D22930th ST$3,895,000$2,263.223/1,1,0,01721/A1954/ASR8/11/2021
TWNHS/A2305Bayview DR$3,925,000$1,527.243/1,2,1,02570/A2004/ASR8/12/2021
TWNHS12115Th ST$4,100,000$2,157.893/3,0,1,01900/O2005/ASR8/6/2021
SFR/D31620th ST$7,000,000$1,636.285/5,0,2,04278/D2021/BLD8/6/2021
SFR/D46126th ST$7,150,000$1,662.796/5,0,1,04300/D2021/PUB8/18/2021
SFR/D2801 NValley DR$1,630,000$1,689.122/1,0,0,0965/A1951/ASR8/17/2021
SFR760Rosecrans AVE$1,645,000$1,566.672/1,1,0,01050/OTH19548/2/2021
SFR63236Th ST$1,700,000$1,650.492/1,0,0,01030/19488/9/2021
SFR/D3212Oak AVE$1,865,000$1,410.743/2,0,0,01322/P1952/PUB8/17/2021
SFR/D3201Laurel AVE$1,915,000$1,574.843/2,0,0,01216/A1951/ASR8/13/2021
SFR/D720Rosecrans AVE$2,100,000$1,011.564/3,0,1,02076/A1955/PUB8/9/2021
SFR74629Th ST$2,310,000$1,834.794/2,0,0,01259/19478/16/2021
SFR/D2510Laurel Ave$2,475,000$1,213.243/2,1,0,02040/A1956/ASR8/25/2021
SFR/D2317Elm AVE$2,548,000$1,119.024/3,0,0,02277/A1957/ASR8/24/2021
SFR/D1712 NPoinsettia AVE$3,125,000$1,129.384/2,0,1,02767/A1996/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D71729th ST$3,364,675$975.835/4,0,0,03448/A1997/APP8/3/2021
SFR/A2201Oak AVE$3,450,000$995.105/5,0,1,03467/A2017/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D3211Poinsettia AVE$4,000,000$727.275/4,0,0,05500/S1981/ASR8/5/2021
SFR/D3000Palm AVE$4,200,000$1,170.575/5,0,0,03588/B2017/ASR8/6/2021
SFR3412PALM AVE$5,950,000$1,053.106/6,0,0,05650/B2020/BLD8/10/2021
SFR/D612Anderson ST$2,300,000$1,347.393/2,0,0,01707/E1966/ASR8/16/2021
SFR/D931Duncan AVE$2,655,000$2,085.623/1,0,0,01273/A1950/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D504 NPoinsettia AVE$7,000,000$1,523.065/3,1,1,04596/A2001/ASR8/13/2021
TWNHS1Tiburon CT$1,970,000$998.993/3,0,0,01972/19878/24/2021
SFR/D1209 NMeadows AVE$1,400,000$1,422.763/1,0,0,0984/A1947/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D1908Wendy WAY$1,465,000$1,053.963/2,0,0,01390/A1950/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D122823rd ST$1,525,000$1,336.552/1,0,0,01141/A1948/ASR8/16/2021
SFR/D161023rd ST$1,700,000$992.413/2,0,0,01713/A1952/ASR8/20/2021
SFR/D2200Chestnut AVE$2,660,000$846.064/3,0,0,03144/A1989/ASR8/24/2021
SFR/D133519th ST$3,965,000$791.426/5,0,1,05010/P2010/BLD8/13/2021
TWNHS/A1140Manhattan Beach BLVD #C$1,120,000$933.332/3,0,0,01200/S1978/ASR8/4/2021
TWNHS/A182111th ST$1,405,000$984.582/1,1,0,01427/B2021/BLD8/17/2021
TWNHS/A182711th ST$1,410,000$988.092/1,1,0,01427/B2021/BLD8/31/2021
SFR/A1627Ruhland AVE$1,850,000$1,745.282/2,0,0,01060/A1951/PUB8/31/2021
SFR18228th ST$2,485,000$1,215.163/2,0,0,02045/O1953/ASR8/24/2021
SFR/D13015th ST$2,800,000$1,055.814/1,1,1,02652/A1964/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D1657Gates Ave$3,150,000$750.544/3,2,0,04197/D1948/PUB8/17/2021
SFR/D16229th ST$3,450,000$760.755/5,0,1,04535/P2002/PUB8/13/2021
SFR/D405 SProspect AVE$3,516,500$754.946/4,0,0,04658/B2007/BLD8/6/2021
SFR/D16135th ST$3,550,000$806.825/4,0,1,04400/A1992/PUB8/3/2021
SFR/D15112nd ST$3,675,000$789.134/4,0,0,04657/A2016/ASR8/13/2021
SFR/D15415th ST$3,900,000$958.005/4,0,1,04071/O2009/SLR8/24/2021

Manhattan Village’s Only Home Sale in August – 1 Tiburon Court

Manhattan Village saw only one home sale during the month of August but it was sold at a big number.  1 Tiburon Court was an updated plan 4 court home that was listed for $1,898,000 and sold at $1,970,000.  That was a big number given that the last three plan 3 (been a while since a plan 4 sold) units with similar specs all sold in the 1.4M – 1.5M range.

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1 Tiburon Court, Manhattan Beach – Sold at $1,970,000

Listing courtesy of Rita Semprevivo – Keller Williams-Santa Monica – 310-482-2200

Plan 1 Court Home Hits the Market at 30 Monterey

30 Monterey court - listed for $1,339,000

The latest addition to the Manhattan Village real estate market is an extensively and creatively remodeled plan 1 townhome at 30 Monterey Court listed at $1,339,000.  The owners created more of a NY loft style feel with their choices and it brings a unique flair to this Manhattan Village court home.

  • Listed at $1,339,000
  • 2 bedrooms 2 bath
  • 1,474 square feet (approx BTV)
  • Plan 1 layout

30 Monterey Court – Listed for $1,339,000

Listing courtesty of Leah Abraham of West Shores Realty, Inc 310-541-8000 and Nina Michaels –Vista Sotheby’s International Realty

38 Fairway Dr Hits the Market at $1,975,000

The latest addition to the Manhattan Village real estate market is a plan 6 townhome at 38 Fairway Drive. Listed at $1,975,000

  • Listed at $1,975,000
  • 3 bedrooms 3 bath
  • 1,820 square feet (according to builder floorplans….tax record shows 1,752 sq ft)
  • Plan 6 layout

38 Fairway Drive – Listed for $1,975,000

Listing courtesty of Judson Rothschild & Geraldine Spira -Rodeo Realty – Beverly Hills



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